MIDdy Evolutive Children's Bed

Evolutionary children's bed for a child's room with removable safety rails. Bed for mattress size 190x90cm Nordic, modern, and timeless design Durable material Premium finish Matte white color with solid oak base Protection rails included Estimated delivery time: 15 days
White Montessori bed with side rails
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Salamanca Montessori Bed 90

Montessori bed with side rails for baby and child's room. Montessori bed for 1,90 x 0,90cm mattress Overall dimensions: 1,96 x 0,96 x 50cm Included rails with a height of 40cm Matte white color Long-lasting material Premium finish Modern design Slatted base included
White Montessori bunk bed with cloud safety rail for a child's room.
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Montessori Bunk Bed Valencia

White Montessori Bunk Bed for 2 Children with Inclined Front Ladder and Colorful Upper Safety Rail - Available in 6 Colors. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Montessori Bunk Bed for mattresses 190x90cm Matte white color Frontal inclined ladder with fitting Upper bed with colorful cloud safety rail Long-lasting material Premium finish Wooden slatted bed bases included Estimated...

Montessori Cloud White Bed - Bilbao

Montessori Cloud White Bed for Children with removable front protections. Montessori bed for mattress size 190x90cm Included rail with 40cm height Matte white color Long-lasting material Premium finish Modern design Slatted base included Estimated delivery time: 45-60 days
Montessori bed one and a half body 120cm white with guards

Salamanca Montessori Bed 120

Montessori Bed 120cm Wide White With Removable Safety Rails. Montessori Bed for mattress size 1,90 x  1,20mts Overall dimensions: 1,96 x 1,26 x 0,50mts Included rails with a height of 40cm Matte white color Long-lasting material Premium finish Modern design Slatted base included
Children's Double Montessori Bed 140 FlyBaby

Salamanca Montessori Bed 140

Double Montessori Bed for 140cm Wide Mattress in White Color with Rails. Montessori Bed for mattress size 1,90 x 1,40cm Overall dimensions: 1,96 x 1,46 x 0,50cm Included rails with a height of 40cm Matte white color Long-lasting material Premium finish Modern design Slatted base included
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Montessori Beds for Children's Rooms

Welcome to our online store dedicated to high-quality Montessori beds, designed to transform your child's room into an educational and welcoming environment. We are passionate about offering furniture solutions that not only provide comfort, but also encourage children's development and independence.

What Are Montessori Beds?

Montessori beds are inspired by the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, which emphasizes learning through exploration and autonomy. Our beds are designed specifically to meet children's needs, allowing them easy access to their sleeping space and promoting independence from a young age.

Benefits of Choosing a Montessori Bed

Fosters Autonomy : Montessori beds encourage children to get in and out of bed independently, promoting independence and confidence.
Encourages Creativity : Montessori rooms are designed to inspire creativity and exploration, creating an environment conducive to children's development.
Safety First : Our Montessori beds are designed with children's safety in mind, with low edges and safe materials.
Learning : By creating an environment where children can choose their own activities, you will support cognitive and motor development.

Variety of Styles and Sizes

We understand that every family is unique, which is why we offer a variety of Montessori bed styles and sizes. From baby beds to beds for older children, our selection meets every need. Choose the design that fits perfectly into your children's room decor.

High Quality and Sustainability Materials

We prioritize quality and sustainability in all our products. We use durable, safe materials to ensure our Montessori beds meet the most rigorous standards. Furthermore, we are committed to sustainable practices to minimize our environmental impact, for example, all of our raw materials are FSC certified.

Order Your Montessori Bed Today

We are excited to be part of your child's educational and developmental journey. Transform your child's room into a welcoming and inspiring Montessori space. Order your Montessori bed today and offer your family a unique learning and growing experience.

At FLYBABY, we are committed to providing the best Montessori beds on the market, designed to enrich children's lives. Explore our selection and discover how we can help create an educational and nurturing environment in your home. Transform your children's room with a superior quality Montessori bed.

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