What are the advantages of bunk beds?

What are the advantages of bunk beds?

  • Space-saving: Bunk beds allow for efficient space management, even in small rooms. Typically, the longer side is placed against the wall, leaving space in front of the bunk bed for activities!
  • Accommodates more sleeping individuals: Perfect for holiday homes, sleepovers, or simply for siblings sharing a room. And since good things come in threes, the bunk bed can even have a third bed at the bottom.
  • Saves money! Buying a bunk bed instead of individual beds can be a more affordable option. Additionally, our bunk beds are made of durable materials with timeless design, appealing to both children and teenagers alike.
  • Decoration: Bunk beds can stylishly and funly fill your kids' room. And since there are several models with different options, even better!
  • Adaptability flexibility: Many bunk beds are manufactured with the possibility of being separated into individual beds. Just disassemble, and there you have two separate beds.
  • Comfort: Bunk beds, like other pieces of our furniture, allow you to choose quality mattresses for your children.
  • Storage: Many bunk beds offer storage space options, such as doors (with or without interior rods), drawers, and shelves where you can store clothes, toys, and much of the clutter that we love to have organized!
  • Safety: Our bunk beds are designed and executed with the safety of your loved ones in mind. For example, they contain protective rails.
  • Sense of responsibility: Many parents comment that they realize that bunk beds stimulate children's ability to keep their space and belongings tidy. How good and useful is that?
  • Strong bond between siblings: For siblings who share the same room, bunk beds can help create companionship and strengthen bonds.

What is the weight a bunk bed can hold?

The weight a bunk bed can support depends on various factors, such as construction materials, support type, and structure quality. Generally, most bunk beds can support between 90 to 136 kilograms per bed.

To ensure safety, it is of utmost importance to respect and follow the manufacturer's instructions and under no circumstances exceed the recommended maximum weight. Additionally, if the bunk bed is used by heavier individuals or very frequently, it is important to regularly check its stability.

How big is a normal bunk bed?

The dimensions of a normal bunk bed can vary according to the model, manufacturer, or eventual customization (for example, at the request of parents to take advantage of mattresses they already own):

Height: generally 1.75 meters;
Length: between 2.00 and 3.00 meters depending on the model;
Width: about 100 cm per bed;

We emphasize that the dimensions can always vary according to the factors mentioned above. Therefore, before buying, it is very important to measure the available space to provide comfort and safety for those we love most.

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